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I'll give a quick update on nicer hits and do a full video recap tonight, and scans likely tomorrow.

I apologize for the confusion on what to use, I really had no idea about BlogTV being completely different now. I haven't hosted since that merger and was scrambling to find something to use. I know most wanted it done on Friday so I was just trying to get home and figure something out. I tried to scoot back as much as possible for camera angle as well but it is built into that PC. Everyone who has been in my breaks before knows that normally I put the camera directly on my lap lol but had to make do this time to get is busted last night. If I host there again out of town then I will have a different setup for sure even though it wasn't too bad. I'll pic up a camera or something.

Some of the better hits off the top of my head..

Carmelo Anthony Prizm Hot Stars /25
Kemba Walker Prizm Hot Rookies /25
Dwyane Wade Prizm All Star /25
Kemba Walker Prizm AUTO RC (on card) /99
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist AUTO RC (on card) /149
Kawhi Leonard Prizm Jsy AUTO RC /149 (i think lol)
Brandon Knight Prizm AUTO RC (on card) /99

Darryl Dawkins Prizm GOLD /10
Deron Williams Hot Stars Prizm GOLD /10
Jeremy Lin Prizm GOLD /10
Carmelo Anthony Prizm GOLD /10
Blake Griffin Select Stars AUTO (redemption)
Kevin Durant Select Stars AUTO

Pretty solid cases overall! We hit some pretty big names on the golds. I've seen some cases have 0 golds, and as many as 4-5, so average on that I think. But better names than most.

I'll probably have another 2 or 3 caser up after nordy is finished with his as one final go at this product. I really like it and the major 1/1s I don't think I've seen.

Thanks fellas!
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