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Default You want this guy buying from you? We do not not, block him as we did.

Hit our buy-it-now for $249.99

vc15titans28: do have anymore vince carter inserts im looking for the millennium men and the . raise the roof . or game breakers or more good stuff do you have any of those carters ?

US: Unfortunately not, this was the only VC I got in the last deal. Thanks for your purchase.

vc15titans28: if you don't mind me asking I mean I don't care much but did this sale for 200 last time It was on I don't remember I think it did but ill be making may payment Thursday or Friday thanks

US: I dont know. Plesae make the payment by Wednesday. We will be out of town for the rest of the week and weekend.

vc15titans28: how bout this you send it out tomorrow and ill pay you first thing Thursday you have my word . I am not that kind of person . you will get your money as you can see in my listings I have cards and I pay for them . so this way we both don't have to worry youl have the card out and next day get your money you will get the money I know it sounds like a risk and stuff but its up to you no I wont cancel the transaction bc ive been waiting for this card . so that I leave up to you . if you view my feedback I am a quick buyer . I think this will work out great for the both of us . I get the card on the way with out waiting and youl have the money Thursday . I promise this way we both don't have to worry bc I don't want to miss out on this card this is way I bought it right away . up to you for the trust like I said its not any easy thing to do with trusting someone like this but . that's what it all comes down to away . um ya let me know k

US: Not a chance we will send it before payment, sorry

vc15titans28: cool beans . will do you will have the money after midnight tomorrow you will not have to wait at all ok thanks again .

US: Thank you.

vc15titans28: no thank you . cant believe I finally have this card !

vc15titans28: so guess what I found out that im 60$ shy till Monday . if you could drop it by that much I can pay tomorrow if not I would have to pay Monday . let me know what you'd like to do . I mean im sorry thought id have more time to pay . um I guess if you want we can cancel the transaction and relist it for 180 190 I can pay tonight like I said after midnight that's all I can take out of the bank at this time bc it would over draft the bank and fees and all for that . if you would of shipped would of honored my word and paid the overdraft for it I tried to sing it before that time . but I cant im very sorry I wished to send with more money on your vacation

vc15titans28: some one contacted me and said that card was in bad shape . that he could sale me something way better for that price . so I mean I don't know . I can buy the off the meter gold . cheaper . more good stuff. raise the roof. I mean I don't know If I can pop 250 for that now and I thought I might of sold sooner at that price but it has not . but if I sale my exquisite ill think about it ok .. sorry for I guess lying but hey if you would of sent it I would of paid for it . for sure . I don't want it to sound like I was trying to screw you at this point. It seems what that sounds like but instead of buying this I was able to buy the metal gem and the inscriptions exquisite . for the same price . so I am sorry . but the reason I have my gold out is to get the money for this card here so lets see what happens . sorry again . you can open bid it and Ill put 250 on it and if it goes that high then I guess Ill deal with it . but I mean I got 2 cards numbered to 50 for the same price . so what you think was the better deal . PMG and inscriptions or this . sorry had to make a pimpn decision . I pick up his only PMG . so ill try to hit you up soon .

Us: Wow. Do not ever contact us again. Please shop elsewhere.

vc15titans28: how rude . you think im just going to wait on you to spend MY money SON!!! you could not wait till Monday!!!! ... mmm???? what vacation was that .. lame!! I was going to pay . you put it off why would I try to buy from you again .. how rude . wow nothing wow your selling damaged goods . don't ever contact me again I don't want to waste my time with petty sellers . drop the price and well see but the card is not in good shape . !!!!!!!
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