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Originally Posted by smgcards View Post
We just received this message to seller:

hey there little baby boy .... I keep having ppl asking me to send cards to me with out paying you fagget .. you know god damn well that's not how it went down so you say what the #@#@#@#@ ever you want about me . you better hope I don't find the #@#@#@#@ing post. there gona love what I have to say about you .. selling damaged good . you punk bitch! has it sold yet .. #@#@#@#@ NO!!!!! .I wonder why and you have the #@#@#@#@ing nerve to talk about me .. that's the best card you got and its still sitting there .. lol .. u better hope I don't find out where its at on hobby kings little boy !!!!!!

- vc15titans28
I stopped here. If you want to sling homophobic slurs like an idiot, please at least spell it right.
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