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Default My last football wax for AWHILE... 2 Five Star & 2 Valor! Going out with a BANG!!!!!!

So between the Tristar show this weekend, and a visit to the LCS to pick up supplies, I decided I would have one last go at some wax before taking a break on it for awhile. That being said, I ended up with 2 boxes of Five Star and 2 boxes of Valor, as well as 2 boxes of Panini Select Basketball. Personally, I think I killed them...and can't be happier to be going on a break after these....but would love to hear opinions. Valor Tin 2 and Five Star Box 1 were bought at Tristar show... the other 2 boxes were bought at the LCS.

Cards will probably all be for sale, but I haven't had a time to even glance at prices....

Valor Tin 1

Valor Tin 2

I was shocked to see the Andrew Luck parallel goes for $125!!!!

Five Star Box 1

The Josh Gordon True RPA is Jersey #'d 13/55

Does anybody have any idea what the Rodgers may be numbered out of?!?!

Five Star Box 2

Box 2 was STACKED!!! Only way to make it better is if the RPA /55 was a Colt QB instead of TE...haha
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