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Originally Posted by ssbledsoe View Post
Weeks? I'm pretty sure they posted pics of the signed Wilson's (albeit stickers) in late January or February... The fact they haven't gotten these out is awful. I'm to the point where I honestly don't give 2 sh!ts if it shows up eventually or not.
I won't be buying any more Topps redemptions and will sell any I pull. At least with Panini and UD you can get someone on the phone to lie and tell you it'll be shipped in the next week or 2...
I hear ya on that one. I got through to topps anyway one day and asked if i can change my russell wilson for maybe a 5 star russell or topps valor russell, no the autos are in house they are just waiting to be sent out. my response ok when are you going to be sent out, response this week. ROFL same stuff different day THANKS TOPPS!
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