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Originally Posted by ILikeThatCard View Post
I wish. If he had full control of the team, he'd easily be putting up 20 PPG.

Originally Posted by Bryanjs14 View Post
They both already kinda broke out, but I can see both of them improving on this season as well.

Tobias Harris and Nikola Vucevic
Vucevic was the 2nd best rebounder in the league this year and one of the best big men in general. Magic only had around 20 wins so he didn't really get the publicity he deserved. I think he'll do fantastic in the coming years.

Also don't forget to add Moe Harkless to that list. Only 19 years old and did well for Orlando his rookie season. Vuevic, Harkless, and Harris are three young studs.
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