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Originally Posted by premium1981 View Post
How anyone can look at that list and claim this isn't the best Bowman product ever is beyond me. This one will go down in the record books. There are also some VERY NICE sleeper picks too. I can't wait!
I'll go on record as saying it isn't. I'm not a fan of a huge auto checklist because it substantially decreases the product's value long term as most of those guys will wash out, regardless of whether they are Top 100 prospects or not. Just go back a few years and look at a Top 100 list and count up how many guys' chrome autos have much value at the present time, especially the guys ranked 40 and lower (which is where most of the prospect autos in this product fall). Prospects: Rankings: Top 100 Prospects: 2007 Top 100 Prospects

I'll take a product with a smaller auto checklist and a solid shot of pulling a top guy over this product all week and twice on Sunday.
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