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Originally Posted by premium1981 View Post
That is exactly why I like it. If you have a small checklist, you see the odds of those players making it. The bigger the checklist the bigger the chance of a few making it big. All it takes is 1 or 2. All I know is that I have been busting Bowman for years, and as far as pre-release, none of the others have looked like this. You can always look back at busts or breakouts, but as of this point, I don't think there is any question at all that this one ranks #1. And this is coming from someone who is usually VERY critical of Topps.
See, I view it as the better the checklist, the better the odds of a few making it big. The bigger the checklist, the lower the odds of pulling the ones who make it big. I'm a quality versus quantity guy when it comes to Bowman. I'll take a few other Bowman releases, led by 2011 BDPP, over 2013 Bowman.
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