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Originally Posted by snsdmonkey View Post
3 years on and still waiting LOL
ET has shown signs of greatness with statlines like 22 8 7 and a steal or block... but then the next game the line will be 8 6 5... they need a good coach now!

Originally Posted by groundsupport View Post
Andre Drummond for sure.. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he is an all-star.
He'll develop but next year won't be the year to invest in him

Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Derrick Williams

He really played well down the stretch, hopefully he can get traded to a team that can and will use him properly. Heard Jalen Rose say last week that he has all-star level talent but is on maybe the worst team in the league to utilize his talents correctly
I really like him but they have a lot of scorers and Love will be back, can he really be a star, we;ll c?

Originally Posted by DUCKanay View Post
Harrison Barnes
I'm not impressed and think a lack of key rookies makes his cards sell better than he plays.

Originally Posted by hche View Post
Jonas Valanciunas

Originally Posted by Jef View Post
2013-14: Bradley Beal(buiding on 2nd half of this year)

Beal might have a breakout year if he can play well with Wall and is healthy
2014-15: Derrck Rose
Rose will have some value jumps

Originally Posted by TungTLe View Post
Jimmy Butler!
Nah, Rose will be back and he'll b option 4/5
Originally Posted by Craig View Post
Darko Miličić - I'm predicting 20/10 from him.
Likely, lol
Originally Posted by rmiller1k View Post
beal, wall, valacinius, tobias harris, favors...drummond and barnes will take small steps but will be big time the year after
Yes on Beal, Wall, Harris, maybe Drummond. I like favors and would be the happiest person alive if it was him but won't happen until Jefferson or Millsap leave, Utah is content with fightin for the 8th seed.

Originally Posted by wilsunshines View Post
Barnes's single biggest problem is that he's on a team with a bunch of chuckers. It's hard for him to get shots. For a guy that needs to get in rhythm, taking one shot ever 10 minutes just doesn't cut it. If they get rid of one of the guys who don't even look at anyone else once they catch the ball, Harrison will have a great chance at breaking out. In fact, the rest of this playoff series could be a key indicator now that Lee is out. I'll be watching closely.

But my pick is John Henson. He's averaging 22 points, 17 rebounds, 2.6 blocks per 48 minutes on the season in limited action. But his numbers are even better when he gets good run: last 5 games of the regular season he averaged 34 minutes per game, 15 points, 15 rebounds, 2.8 blocks per game. And judging from the Bucks' first playoff game, he's made it into the playoff rotation (20 minutes vs. Miami Game 1).

Kendall Marshall could be a good choice, again depending on his run. In his 3 starts near the end of the year, he averaged 12.3 assists to 2.3 turnovers per game. As a rookie! But it'll probably be another year or two before he really gets big minutes. His passing is as good as anyone in the game, but he really has to prove he can shoot at the top level.
John henson had pop early on but didn't get the minutes, you could be right on this one, not sold on Marshall

my pick: Dion Waiters
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