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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
I disagree. You're looking at 8,000+ cases produced with that checklist / making the base and chrome almost worthless. This is almost double the production of 2012 Bowman Draft ... I see much lower prices in the very near future once people realize breaking an $800 hobby case leads to $200 in autos and $10 in base and chrome.

14 RC autos and 42 Prospect Autos ... Topps got ridiculously greedy on this one.
The base and chrome in a case will never be worth 10 dollars.

You can't compare 2012 Draft and 2013 Bowman. Compare it with 2012 Bowman. Draft always has a lower print run than Bowman regular.

2012 Bowman had a print run of approximately 3260 Jumbo Cases, and that product seems to be doing fairly well.
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