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I disagree. You're looking at 8,000+ cases produced with that checklist / making the base and chrome almost worthless. This is almost double the production of 2012 Bowman Draft ... I see much lower prices in the very near future once people realize breaking an $800 hobby case leads to $200 in autos and $10 in base and chrome.

14 RC autos and 42 Prospect Autos ... Topps got ridiculously greedy on this one.
To further this; part of the reason you see prices on guys like Addison Russell at $50 / Seager $40 / Hawkins $30 right now is not because of the potential of these guys, more because the print runs are very very low compared to other Bowman products and Bowman years.

Case prices on Draft went from $625 to $900 in a few months because it was realized the supply was so low and the demand was high ... also because you had RC's like Harper, Darvish that could carry the base set and add value.

I just feel that even though you see the good names and think there's a lot of value in there ... it will be so overproduced that it will be very difficult to come out ahead of any good case break.

We'll see.
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