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Originally Posted by stormshadow815 View Post
Haters going to hate. I'd lay money on the table when all is said and done this checklist produces more full time MLB players then any previous bowman auto checklist.

Again comparing Bowman and Bowman Draft is hard. Considering Draft gives part-time prospectors an idea on whose good and who isn't as they already have "Numbers" associated with them. Only true hardcore minor league watchers will understand the talent in this checklist. True it might have a lot of auto's but the overall talent makes it worthwhile.

Also that Puig Mini is going to be crazy expensive.

I feel the same way. I think some people are confusing the concept of autograph print run vs. total autographs. If the print run per autograph is the same, they should actually sell for more because they will be harder to pull. People claiming the autograph prices are going to fall and be cheap must know something I don't know. I agree that the base may not be worth as much, but they aren't going to zero. And with the added content, I think it more than makes up for the higher base card print runs. So again, unless I am missing something Economics 101 says that these autographs will sell for more on average than before.
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