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I wasn't referring to the physical cards showing year or draft position. I was referring to the draft in general.

It's a large media event, people pay attention and those that go in the first round as potential top prospects. This is easy for part-time prospectors to determine who may or may not be good.

International Free Agents don’t get the same hype or media attention as draft eligible players. Bowman is usually a hot bed for IFA's. This tends to require a person to know much more about the prospecting game and players in question.

A recent example, Taveras an IFA in bowman last year. His cards did very well out of the gate, but mainly only to those that had more knowledge. It took a month or so of word of mouth and stats for people to really jump on the train.

What I'm getting at is yes some of you may think this is a decent checklist and that may be because you don’t know much about some of the players. Some of the IFA's have just as much potential as Taveras, Boegarts, Profar or any other IFA that hit it big in recent history.

Just my opinion and I'll leave it at that. It's probably not a good idea to give my info to someone who can eventually outbid me. So those that buy in, good luck. Those that don’t hopefully you will not miss the train.

Happy Bowman 2013!
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