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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
I disagree. You're looking at 8,000+ cases produced with that checklist / making the base and chrome almost worthless. This is almost double the production of 2012 Bowman Draft ... I see much lower prices in the very near future once people realize breaking an $800 hobby case leads to $200 in autos and $10 in base and chrome.

14 RC autos and 42 Prospect Autos ... Topps got ridiculously greedy on this one.
There were 12 RC autos and 38 prospect autos in 2012

There were 15 RC autos and 35 prospect autos in 2011

I'm not seeing how +6 autos is "ridiculous". Also, you can't assume that base auto production or insertion ratios will be the same as last year either. More names doesn't always = more total autos. They could easily just improve the odds on #'d hits and cut back base autos.

One other note...when this stuff was first solicited nobody even sniffed it. Most people were very down on this year's Bowman until recently. I suspected all along that the added content was Topps' way of saving what could have been a disaster of a product, and it just may be.

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