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I would have liked to know the correct answers at the end.

In fact, you could revise the scoring and timing that's reflective of how quickly and how accurately you answer. For example...a player starts out with 20 seconds to play the game and answer the first question. If they get it right on the first try the timer adds 4 seconds and they get 4 points then the next question automatically appears. If the answer is wrong, they have to continue to answer the same question until it is correct. If they get it on the second try (3 choices left) they have 3 seconds added and 3 points to their on and so forth (2 choices) 2 seconds added and 2 points. If they exhaust all options it moves to the next question automatically, no time is added and no points are awarded. This would push both speed, accuracy and score...allowing you to run until the time runs out or they've answered all the questions, whichever happens first.

Also, make it into a mobile app for IOS and Adroid.
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