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Well they only have 10 females signed to the UFC, so not much to choose from, I know Zingano gets an auto in KO or 2013 Finest. And the former Strikeforce fighters have been signing too much as it is. All they need to do is have 3 releases a year(Topps seems to love Finest and KO, so those 2, and a low end set like MOT), but focus on 1st time signers, there are literally hundreds of current and former fighters, they could get autos of. But nope, we will get more Struve, Millers, and the like. Where is Barao? And old timers like Goodridge, Shamrock, Jimmerson, Hackney,Mezger. Topps could produce a quality product, but why should they? Everyone online bitches about them, but will still buy the porduct, I have not bought anything besides a few boxes of 2012 finest, since MOT, and won't buy anymore product, until they realize they have to switch it up.
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