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Love all the back an forth comments in this page. I love baseball and collecting and have been for a while. While I may only bust a case a year unlike many of you who crack 10 per bowman release if not more, I enjoy the hype of a product. Lets be realistic. A guy who's top 100 today may be bottom 100 tomorrow. So prospecting and collecting is like a stock market. Buy low sell high. We all may have PC choices. We all may believe someone's ceiling is higher then what that player is doing today. Bottom line I don't care about production runs or checklist amounts. When a guy is hot he's hot and people will buy them. If we knew what these kids will be like 3 years from now then out decisions to buy will be a lot easier. But hey we don't, and I enjoy watching these kids grow into studs or
We all crack chrome for color anyways. That ain't going to change. Orange is still/25 golds/50 etc. bring it on bowman. I'm cracking my first jumbo case. For those people who think regular chromes ain't worth anything, maybe your right. Maybe your wrong. Ill take them off your hands and ill even pay for shipping.
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