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Day 20. Sheeeeeet just got real.
Day 21

Non-Newtonian Cornstarch Recipe

Make your own ooey, gooey glop that is guaranteed to produce a room full of ooohs & ahhhs! Using only cornstarch and water, this amazing mixture behaves like a solid and a liquid at the same time.

One box of cornstarch (16 oz)
Large mixing bowl
Cookie sheet, square cake pan, or something similar
Pitcher of water
Gallon size zipper-lock bag
Newspaper or a plastic drip cloth to cover the floor
Food coloring

1. Pour approximately 1/4 of the box of cornstarch into the mixing bowl and slowly add about 1/2 cup of water. Stir. Sometimes it is easier to mix the cornstarch and water with your bare hands-- of course, this only adds to the fun.
2. Continue adding cornstarch and water in small amounts until you get a mixture that has the consistency of honey. It may take a little work to get the consistency just right, but you will eventually end up mixing one box of cornstarch with roughly 1 to 2 cups of water. Notice that the mixture gets thicker or more viscous as you add more cornstarch.
3. Pour the mixture onto the cookie sheet or cake pan. Notice its unusual consistency when you pour it into the pan. Stir it around with your finger, first slowly and then as fast as you can.
4. Skim your finger across the top of the glop. What do you notice?
5. Sink your entire hand into the glop and try to grab the fluid and pull it up.
6. Try to roll the fluid between your palms to make a ball.
7. You can even hold your hand flat over the top of the pan and slap the liquid glop as hard as you can. Fear not, all of the glop stays in the pan...hopefully. If your mixture inadvertently splatters everywhere, you will know to add more cornstarch.
8. Pour the glop into a large zipper-lock plastic bag for later use.
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