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Originally Posted by BOOMER7 View Post
so you're expecting this release to be a "flop"
case prices dropping after release under $600?
I think 600 might be the absolute floor, yes, but more realistically I see case prices settling in around 625-640. I definitely don't see case prices going up much over the inital pricing once the hype dies down. This product has way too many things that Topps could get wrong for a first year product: SPing the big names, chipping on the cards, a bunch of redemptions, etc, and I don't see resale being that strong, considering all the Bowman Products that already exist.

I feel like there is already 3 big products that people get their prospect holds from: Bowman, Bowman Draft and Bowman Chrome. If it's not those, prospectors won't be interested, similar to Bowman Sterling, which is always seen as a second tier card. I will say it has a chance at staying around its current price if people view it as Topps Inception Football, but I think 80 a box is a more fair price for this product.

It has a chance if they get the chipping fixed and don't SP the bigger names, but I'm leaning towards it not being better than it's current case price, and DEFINITELY not better than 2013 Bowman.
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