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Default Submit your BEST Blowout Pulls Here! Blowout Best Pull Contest: MAY 2013! (CLOSED)

Blowout Cards "PULL of the MONTH" WINNERS Will Receive:

1st Place
$75 Blowout Cards Gift Card!

2nd Place
$50 Blowout Cards Gift Card!

3rd Place
$25 Blowout Cards Gift Card!

Blowout Cards

Best Pull Contest:

MAY 2013!

Here are the Rules:

1) All cards posted must be from Boxes or Cases Purchased from Blowout Cards and Blowout TV Only.

2) All PULLS must be from the current Month.

3) All submissions must include the following: Scan/picture of the card, Order Date, a brief description of your pull and a clearly written card description. Blowout TV pulls must be accompanied with Date of Purchase so order can be validated.

Example) 2011 Topps Triple Threads Chipper Jones Unity Patch Auto 3/9 Date Ordered - 2/7/13

4) At the end of each month, we will create a Best Pulls VOTE Page where All forum members will then be allowed to vote on who they think should win Best Pull of the Month!

5) If there is no longer a pic posted with your submission at the end of the month when we create the poll options, your submission will no longer be valid.

6) Only 1 Entry Per Post!

Thats it! Lets have some fun and start Posting some GREAT PULLS !

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