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SPX is more patches of rookies and current players.

Limited has a larger rookie auto checklist, current vet relics, and always the chance at the cut autos and/or HOF Players.

Break even is probably better with SPX as you've got more hits to coushin a bad pack/box. Limited is much more risk, but I think I'd gamble with LL. That being said...even after my analysis of the products based on the football, I'm playing with 4 box lots of NT (2 Promo slots). NT is well known for having 1 bad box per case and generally one really good box. Get an average box and the bad box and you will be hurting. Flip side..get the good box and an average box and you'll be all grins.

BUt please..someone pull the 2 Maroney's I need..if for any reason to just shut me up!

extra broke butt didnt order anything!
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