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Originally Posted by premium1981 View Post
Ouch, Thursday will hurt. When Draft released, we had a big snow storm come through here. I waited all day because my 26 cases were on the truck and scheduled for delivery. About 4pm (I usually get delivery by noon) or so the tracking number updated and said that bad roads was rescheduling my delivery. I was so ticked. I called them up and had them pull it off the truck and I went and got them myself. Was a VERY long day.
"okay sir, what would you like us to risk our drivers life for? Is it a rare type of blood for your transfusion? a vital organ you need for your transplant?"

" ma'am it's boxes and boxes of baseball not for my son, for me, I buy and sell baseball cards and it's the most important thing in my life, I am so angry right now let me speak to your supervisor!!...just forget it I'll risk my own life and come get them"
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