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Originally Posted by needchapmans View Post
if those odds are correct ... And that's a big if ... Not only does it mean bad things for the base / but the base auto print run is simply enormous.

Purple autos are only available in jumbo cases ... So we can take the odds 1:1080 jumbo packs and figure out just how many jumbo cases.

42 prospects * 10 purple autos per prospect is 420 purple autos.
Odds of a purple auto are 1:1080 packs (or one every 11.25 cases). 11.25 cases * 420 autos and you get 4,725 jumbo cases.

bowman would have printed at least that many hobby ... Likely more. You're looking at roughly 10,000 + total cases. Absolute madness.
would think only 9 of each will be packed for replacements..ect
this one goes out to some of the members

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