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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
Even so, the math would still be off by a little.

Assuming Printing Plates are a little more than double (4 versus 10), printing plates are going to be around 1:2200. That only adds .04 Autos per case.

Without the insert autos, I am only coming up with 21.79 Autos per case. WITH the insert autos, I'm getting only 21.95 Autos per case from what we know (not including black ice, and bowman black, and xfractor die cut autos /24)

Just find it hard to believe the combination of insert autos will fall 2.2 per case. That would make them as almost as common as base rookie autos.
Too inauspicious for me. I see Topps adding prospect and RC autos like there's no tomorrow ... then big insert sets and knowing Topps, over-printing just fits.

Purple 1:1080. For me, that's where this whole thing rests.
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