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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
Not necessarily. If there is in fact a Bowman Black refractor on base, perhaps there's a Bowman Black refractor auto ... (or other variables) Not that I believe that to be true, but too many variables to account for in this list. A lot of what if's and conjecture / but only one number need be know to figure out the rest for certain.

This makes for interesting fodder, but we just have to wait. If accurate, I doubt it changes anyone from busting the cases they've already ordered and paid for ...
Normally I would agree with you, as I am in the "wait and see" group of thinking too. The only thing that would make some sense at this point is Black refractor autos. If the case, that would add (if they fall at the same rate as the different between blues and blacks in the non-auto portion) about .75 per case. That makes it around 22.5 autos per case, and still doesn't match.

I just feel like one of the odds is wrong. It's not like they all add up to 23.85 or something and its a little off, its 1.5 per case off.
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