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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
But the odds flow perfectly from one to the next.
Refractor is 1:30; Print run /500
Blue is 1:99; Print run /150
Gold is 1:289; Print run /50
Orange is 1:578; Print run /25

It's near perfection sans an extremely small hiccup from Blue to Gold (so very believable).

It wouldn't make sense that one of them is off ... they'd all have to be off a touch if you want to get to 24.
These odds follow suit too.

Refractor is 1:300; Print run /500
Blue is 1:990; Print run /150
Gold is 1:2890; Print run /50
Orange is 1:5780; Print run /25

You can't go off of the odds flowing from one odd to the next based on print run.
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