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Originally Posted by mredsox89 View Post
And it seems like the auto CL for 2013 is 7 more than 2011, 35 to 42 if I have my numbers correct, an increase of 20%.

So an increase in auto CL of what looks like 20% causes prospect refractors to go from 1:6 (2011) to 1:21 (2013)? Something obviously doesn't add up, and it could certainly be my math at 2AM, so someone please correct me
No, your math IS correct. That's the problem. All of the auto odds are suggesting a 20-25% overall increase in production this year, yet the NON-AUTO odds are suggesting a 250%+ increase.

Again, either these odds are wrong, or 66% of the NON-AUTO parallels were moved to Hobby/Retail. The latter would make Hobby a steal at current prices so I'm not buying that explanation either.

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