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This could be the truth though. Even though Bowman draft jumbo cases were limited the color in them sucked. They could be doing the same seeding with Bowman, making the jumbo non auto color suck.

On another note comparing the jumbo odds from 2011 (which is virtually the same, auto odds) and the awsomeness of the checklist list this year I don't see any reason for people to be worried about Bowman or jumbos.
Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
This is the part I don't get. Why make your more expensive product worse? Wouldn't that potentially hurt future sales on that product?

My "latest" theory is that maybe he gave the hobby odds for color instead.....but still, not sure.
why? Because of what I wrote above. It is not making a more expensive product worse. Jumbos tailor to Autos since you are getting more autos why not give hobby more the non auto'd color? It's not making the product worse. Its spreading the wealth.
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