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Originally Posted by dthimesch View Post
why? Because of what I wrote above. It is not making a more expensive product worse. Jumbos tailor to Autos since you are getting more autos why not give hobby more the non auto'd color? It's not making the product worse. Its spreading the wealth.
Originally Posted by premium1981 View Post
The wealth should only be spread equally if the prices of each were equal. Jumbo costs more (even from Topps), so they should have a higher percentage of the hits, auto and nonauto.
Exactly. I do think the two versions should be as equal as possible, but Jumbo should have the edge in that it is more expensive.

Point in all this being, there is a bunch of unanswered/confusing questions.

1. Why are there black refractors listed under the non-auto parallels?
2. Why are the non autoed color 250% harder, while the color autos are 20% harder?
3. Why do the auto'ed odds added up only come out to a little less than 22 autos per case?
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