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Originally Posted by premium1981 View Post
A disaster? If anyone wants to get out from under their cases to avoid the disaster please let me know. I will buy them all if the prices are what I paid for my others.
Surely you're not serious? I appreciate your eagerness to open these cases but if the stated odds are correct, it makes the set extremely watered down.

Imagine what an Albert Almora chrome auto would sell for if there we're 2.4x more of them on the market than there are right now. Because that's the reality with the print run on Bowman '13 ... Maybe $20? I think that's what the Polanco's / Hansens / Giolitos will settle at after the first few days and hundreds being listed on eBay all at once.
Looking for LeBron Topps Chrome RC's 9.5 or better. Any parallel.
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