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Yep, I am absolutely serious. See my above response. These sets change on a year to year basis. You cannot do the same thing every year when selling. You have to adapt to the market. I have yet to lose on a Bowman product (I skip the ones I dont like) and I dont see it happening now. The "watered down" aspect of this can be made up in other areas IMO. There is just too much added value. Each case may have smaller value from the chrome sets, and more value from the minis. I can go on and on, but I think that gets my point across. Not saying everyone will agree, but I do not regret my cases purchases even if these odds hold true.
Pride before the fall bud. Good for you that you've made money in the past but you can't this time. You must recognize that everyone and their mothers will be breaking Bowman '13 and there's simply not a large enough market to sustain even OK prices.

It's not just the chrome that's over-produced ... it's everything (mini's, autos, inserts, etc.). If you're opening 2 cases / you have a chance to hit something worthwhile ... but the more you open, the farther and farther you'll fall behind. Whether you paid $600 per hobby case or $700 per jumbo case / it's a losing proposition when all but a handful of autos will sell for less than $15.
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