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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
Sadly no. Most people feel the same way you do and it wouldn't matter if Bowman printed 10,000 cases or 100,000 ... they're gonna rip them. It's gonna be exciting, people are gonna love the rush to open their cases but when it's time to sell and eBay shows just how much of this stuff is out there, the realization will set in that Bowman '13 set breakers up to fail, plain and simple.

IF ... the stated odds are correct.
You may be right, or I may be right. Only time will tell. Here is where people differ though. Some people rely on their breaks. I never have, nor ever will break a case that I can not afford to lose everything on. I do this for fun with the hopes of making some extra money. I do pretty good with most of my breaks because I am particular with what I break. I am about as confident in this product as any that I have busted. Again though, I may end up being wrong, and I can admit it if I am.
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