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Everyone makes valid points... for me, I think the product will do just fine. Take a look at 2012 Topps Chrome Football.... all those mini sets added much flavor to that product. Same I believe is going to happen here. The only thing I am worried about is "what if" some "main" prospect autos are short printed. I cracked 43 cases of 2011 Bowman Chrome and got like 13 Harper (YEAH) but only like 3 Hosmer and 2 Turner. Imagine if they make Buxton or Correa a SP like them? I have 35 Hobby and 10 Jumbo coming for myself to crack and I am not worried 1 bit about losing money on this product. Crack the stuff... keep what you want and then put the rest on Ebay shortly after cracking and it is VERY HARD to lose. Not to mention..... the Blue Wave redemptions will be helping a LOT of crackers as an extra bonus if they know what they are doing.
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