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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
But I don't think you're taking into consideration that for triple digit prices to happen, you need low print runs, and massive demand.

Jorge Soler plays for the Cubs; a good collectors team. When Bowman Chrome came out, the first week his autos we're hovering at $100. Once it was realized just how many of them there we're, they went all the way down to $40 and they currently sit in the $50 range.

Now take Buxton. Add another 600 autos to the already oversaturated Jorge Soler market and figure out where his prices will go after a week or two. Not to mention that there is still a lot of Bowman Chrome left unopened from 2012 ... and the majority of Bowman '13 will be ripped in the first 10 days.

Do you think that 2,100 Buxton base chrome autos will actually command $100 a piece ... for a total of $2,100,000 invested in the kid across the hobby / just on base autos?

I don't think so. I think you'll see $125 chrome auto prices for the first few dozen, then $100 chrome autos for the next 50 ... and then on this very day next month, you'll pick them up for $60 a piece at the very maximum. (And even that's high I think)
I agree with your final paragraph, but they won't tank because there are so many. They will go down because that is how it always works with Bowman and Bowman Chrome, start really high then drop and settle around their price, which I think will be $50-60. Then performance and hype will drive the prices from there.

I don't think Buxton is a $100 chrome auto (maybe the first few), but after that no way.
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