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Originally Posted by bigsmoot2 View Post
NC, this is where you are wrong. A good prospect auto is a good prospect auto. There is a ton of Jorge Soler autos out there from chrome, like 1600 base.

Those sell for 50+ right now and he hasn't been playing the greatest.

EDIT: THey were never around $100 at release, maybe the first one got $90 or so, but I was watching most when Chrome released and they were around $60. Then winter hit they dipped even more around $40, ST hype got going and they were back around $60.

Buxton, Correa and a few others are going to always sell well (at least unless they completely tank and fall off the face of the earth). Doesn't matter how many base chrome autos there are out there.

The right guys will always sell well, it doesn't matter how many base autos there are.

Comon ... of course it matters. Every-time a Buxton auto is sold, that's one less buyer for the next one (or a less interested buyer). And I know people will say "If a Buxton auto is $60 I'll buy them all day long" ... well go for it. You can have 50, I can have 50 and a dozen other collectors can have 50 ... and when he gets promoted to the show, we can all sell at the same time and make our nickels or dimes.
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