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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
Comon ... of course it matters. Every-time a Buxton auto is sold, that's one less buyer for the next one (or a less interested buyer). And I know people will say "If a Buxton auto is $60 I'll buy them all day long" ... well go for it. You can have 50, I can have 50 and a dozen other collectors can have 50 ... and when he gets promoted to the show, we can all sell at the same time and make our nickels or dimes.
That's where we agree to disagree.

A good prospect auto is a good prospect auto.

There are a million Bryce Harper base chromes out there, people will pay good money for any of them.

You know why, because it is the right player.

Cornering the market in prospecting isn't always the way to go. There are different times to sell to make money.

I will stand by that the right players will always sell well.

Buxton will be around $60, gets more smoking hot then he is now, get promoted, gets some hype. Could hit $100+, people will buy because of hype, not because of how many there are out there.
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