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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
I agree with this, and also think color autos on average will fall 2 per case in jumbo.

Topps is usually conservative with their odds, and overall for a print run, for full unbiased reviews on cases, you see cases that beat the odds more than cases that don't. Blue autos may be stated 1:99, but in reality it could be something like 1:80 or so. It happens, but obviously we'll see when the product hits.

Even with the current odds, color autos will fall around 2-3 per case (.67 color rookie autos, 1.58 color prospect autos).
Very true ... allow me to toss in a Jake Odorizzi Gold auto as well.

Listen / I know there's a lot of hype here and a lot of "Ohh my God, the checklist is AWESOME" but I'm simply trying to ground expectations based on what appears to be a very very terrible print run.

People may think the checklist is awesome and the players are awesome but if Topps overprint's their base, their chrome, their mini's, their die-cuts and their autos / it makes for one of the worst releases, not one of the best.
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