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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
Comon ... of course it matters. Every-time a Buxton auto is sold, that's one less buyer for the next one (or a less interested buyer). And I know people will say "If a Buxton auto is $60 I'll buy them all day long" ... well go for it. You can have 50, I can have 50 and a dozen other collectors can have 50 ... and when he gets promoted to the show, we can all sell at the same time and make our nickels or dimes.
One could argue from a different standpoint as well. We all know that everyone wants to be a prospector these days. If the print run was raised by 30% (just throwing a number out there) then who is to say that the prospecting world has not also grown by 30%. If that is the case there will be the same average number of buyers for the same average number of cards.

I think you are an intelligent person, but you seem to be jumping to some conclusions with this product. You are assumming everything on the bad side and making no assumptions for the positives. Maybe you are just too familiar with how Topps does I am making the same assumptions with Bowman Chrome, so its all good.
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