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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
Very true ... allow me to toss in a Jake Odorizzi Gold auto as well.

Listen / I know there's a lot of hype here and a lot of "Ohh my God, the checklist is AWESOME" but I'm simply trying to ground expectations based on what appears to be a very very terrible print run.

People may think the checklist is awesome and the players are awesome but if Topps overprint's their base, their chrome, their mini's, their die-cuts and their autos / it makes for one of the worst releases, not one of the best.
Well sure there will be cases where the two color autos will be Tyler Pike and Jake Odorizzi, but there will also be cases where you could get a Manny Machado Blue and a Taijuan Walker Gold. When it comes to color autos, everyone has an equal chance.
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