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Originally Posted by premium1981 View Post
The hobby may not be growing, but the prospecting game absolutely is. I have been doing this for awhile, and there is zero doubt in my mind that it is growing. You make the claim that more and more people are ripping and flipping which will flood the market, and at the same time you say that there is no increase in the prospecting game. I hope you have 9 lives, because if you fight to the death over this one you may lose one.
Heh, we'll lets just see how this shakes out. If on June 8th one month after release we're looking at high prices, I'll come back in here and declare my incompetence to understand this stuff.

I think many use a system to determine color value? Blue is 3x base I believe ... but for 2013 Bowman, I think Blue will be 5-7x base as a result of production.
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