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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
No no, I assume the positive. A higher print run will make the color autos more valuable / more sought after because there's a finite number of them. To me, that's the only positive here though / I see Bowman '13 flopping and thus turning people away from future releases (partly because the sour taste, partly because the money lost)

But I think you raise a good point / although I'm gonna twist it. I would absolutely love for the prospecting market to increase year in and year out but I think it's headed in the opposite direction.

IMHO, every new year brings LESS collectors (and less prospectors) to the table and thus printing more will not satisfy this demand. To me, the demands is already satisfied, and now will be over saturated.
It isn't a matter of print run IMO. Tavares is the most expensive auto from 2012 Bowman. Unlike Bell, JBJ, Cole, Xander, and a few others, his base wasn't tiered/SPed. If print run was the overwhelming factor you seem to think it is, guys like JBJ and Xander would be more expensive than Tavares.
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