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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
Pride before the fall bud. Good for you that you've made money in the past but you can't this time. You must recognize that everyone and their mothers will be breaking Bowman '13 and there's simply not a large enough market to sustain even OK prices.

It's not just the chrome that's over-produced ... it's everything (mini's, autos, inserts, etc.). If you're opening 2 cases / you have a chance to hit something worthwhile ... but the more you open, the farther and farther you'll fall behind. Whether you paid $600 per hobby case or $700 per jumbo case / it's a losing proposition when all but a handful of autos will sell for less than $15.
Are you teaching us from your experiences this past year

Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
Very true ... allow me to toss in a Jake Odorizzi Gold auto as well.

Listen / I know there's a lot of hype here and a lot of "Ohh my God, the checklist is AWESOME" but I'm simply trying to ground expectations based on what appears to be a very very terrible print run.

People may think the checklist is awesome and the players are awesome but if Topps overprint's their base, their chrome, their mini's, their die-cuts and their autos / it makes for one of the worst releases, not one of the best.
I just don't believe in the whole horrible print run. Odds appear to be the same as 2011. Those cases demand a pretty hefty price tag. I know we are almost 2 years after the fact but the point is they never tanked, only went up in value.

I guess what I think is that I see no reason for anyone to freak out, dump their product any run the other way. There are so many ways to make things look and sound bad if a person is not buying into a product to reassure themselves they made the right decision to not buy. Just as there are so many ways to make things look good to assure ones self they made a good decision to buy. It is what it is.
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