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Originally Posted by dthimesch View Post
Are you teaching us from your experiences this past year

I just don't believe in the whole horrible print run. Odds appear to be the same as 2011. Those cases demand a pretty hefty price tag. I know we are almost 2 years after the fact but the point is they never tanked, only went up in value.

I guess what I think is that I see no reason for anyone to freak out, dump their product any run the other way. There are so many ways to make things look and sound bad if a person is not buying into a product to reassure themselves they made the right decision to not buy. Just as there are so many ways to make things look good to assure ones self they made a good decision to buy. It is what it is.
I think everything that could be said has been said; we simply have to wait and see what happens.

IDK / I see a company that has been doing the wrong things for years now, whether it be customer service, product quality, print runs ... and even though it seems crystal clear to me that they've gone too far with too many cases in 2013, I'm fighting the board as the response is "Keep printing Topps, we don't care. We'll keep opening them"

And if I'm wrong / if the market can sustain all the autos and the interest and the millions of base ... then get ready for 6,500 jumbo cases of 2014 Bowman.
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