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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
That's the best hit of the product? Doesn't Mantle or Babe or even Clemente have a knob in this?

Good luck with the 10k I hope you get near what you want for it

There are no Ruth, Mantle, or Clemente knobs in this product. The only card that would approach this one in 2013 Tribute is the Aaron bat barrel, IMHO, but the Williams is still the better card.

As for the 10K, I don't expect to get that, but I don't want to get shortchanged when taking offers. That said, it only takes one Williams collector to hit the BIN...

Originally Posted by TASS View Post
I think Ted Williams belong's right there with the group you have listed, it's just personnel opinion weather or not you feel the above bat knobs would be better pulls.

The Babe is one that would get a premium over the Williams IMO the others would be right in line.
Originally Posted by frozenntimesports View Post
Mantle, Babe and Clemente all have more bat cards than Williams, makes it rarer.
I agree with both of you, and while the Williams is rarer than Mantle, Ruth, or Clemente, I'd still put a premium on Ruth...but just a small one.

Thank you all for the comments!
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