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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
It bothers me because I see Topps really screwing people over ... and it bothers me even more that the consensus is "no big deal". It's my fight because if everyone let's it happen today, then Topps is just gonna stretch the line even further tomorrow.

But I recognize I'm the minority.
I agree with your overall premise here in that Topps knows they can do basically whatever they want because people will buy their product, and because of that they are not held accountable. Consequently, this ultimately makes the quality of their product worse than it should be. I will back you all day in this argument.

That said, and leaving the math to you guys, if the product turns out to be over-saturated the big names will still sell for top dollar; the product will still sell(even if only a couple of names carry it); I think this is a strong checklist that will keep the demand high; and I will still be a buyer because I enjoy the product and am a glutton for punishment.
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