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Originally Posted by coltsnsox07 View Post
Hello, I don't want to rain on your parade(I just don't trust Topps 'game used' term) too much but I have a list of Williams bat specifics and the only times I've seen 215 on the knob was on bats he used as a Coach/Instructor between '61-'63(one such bat sold for $1749 at Lelands recently This info is from a GU site... On 8/9/1940 Williams placed his first order for a bat manufactured to the specifications of Lefty O'Doul on 6-2-33. Williams ordered this model bat exclusively through 7/21/1943, with occasional personal specifications of weight, type of grain, etc. In 1946 when Williams returned from WWII, the model numbering system had been put into place at H & B. The Lefty O'Doul 6-2-33 had been assigned model number O1, and all of Williams' orders through 1946 were recorded as orders for "His O1."

From that point forward, modifications and 'new models' requested by Williams are pretty easy to ascertain. On 4/14/47 a new model using an O'Doul (O1) barrel and McBride (R43) handle was made for Williams. The model was never recorded as "he didn't like them and got another new model." The new model, made off of Williams' "standard model" which was the O'Doul O1 with Williams' modifications was given model number W148. From that point forward, the following models are documented as having been made to Williams specifications as follows:
6/3/48 - Model Made W153
8/20/48 Off Model Sent In W155 (it is possible that this model was manufactured as early as 7/20/48
9/11/50 Model Made W165 -- W155 barrel / H43 handle
9/20/50 Model Made W166 -- "use right barrel."
4/26/51 Model Made W167 -- W166 barrel / G69L handle
7/31/53 Model Made W176 -- M110 barrel / W166 handle
5/25/55 Model Made W183 -- S180 handle / W166 knob
4/11/57 Model Made W197 -- W183 barrel / K55 handle
7/20/60 Model Made W214 -- model sent in use barrel with W183 handle
9/1/60 (?) Model Made W215 -- S215 barrel / K55 handle
Here's a picture of the Coach used bat knob, the only ones w' 215
That's all good information, would you mind sharing the link?

Thing is, it's still a beautiful card and whether people disparage Topps for their "game used" items or not, it's still a fantastic card which, by your own information, appears to contain a bat knob that was owned and used by Williams. Ultimately, no bat piece in a trading card can be verified as having been used in more than BP anyway. In fact, most bats in general will come with some questions unless you get it yourself from the player himself at a game.

Bottom line is this knob came from Ted Williams' bat and I'm good with that.
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