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Originally Posted by slugger82685 View Post
ya know, this thread gets started every time a new bowman product releases and there is always complaining about either the odds or the checklist. Then people start saying they will be staying away from boxes/cases and just buying singles......but really lets not kid ourselves, we all know that we say all that BS then when we start seeing breaks on here or see the product staring at us in the face at our LCS we always give into temptation and start busting boxes or even cases for some of us. So really this whole thread is just an absolutely waste with nonsense comments from people aside from the actual checklist which was the original intention of the thread.
I completely agree with you man. Let's be honest -- the only thing that will keep me from busting boxes this week is the fact that my LCS is 15 minutes away in the opposite direction of my house. Yeah, I'm lazy.

I guess what gets everyone's panties all up in a wad (mine included) is that the odds and print runs get worse every year, even if only slightly.
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