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Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
agree after initial flood
BUT the prospects that did not survive which is more than that will, will see decreased prices since not new, so that makes it tough

I have played the hold and wait game and yes there are some upsides, but for every 1 upside player I get 10 that had downsides to where it is a loss overall, rather just sell most at get-go...not saying that is best just saying from my experiences...sure there are some you should be able to hold or buy cheap and do well, in fact the cheaper ones have the biggest upside and smallest downsides
I agree bud ... I think it's a losing proposition to sit on everybody / simply that initial color prices won't be as strong as people suspect because the majority of this extremely high print run is being broken in the next five days.

So when you normally see a handful of Gold autos of a player on eBay after week one ... you'll now see a dozen or two / making them less valuable in the immediate. Over time, they'll be worth what they're worth / just not as much right away.
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