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Originally Posted by dthimesch View Post
I would bet my 2 cents that even with all these "horrible" odds and "horrible" print runs, we still see the standard 1-2 color autos per case JUST like every other Bowman product Topps has put out. Once again I see no reason to cry about it.
not sure people are crying about that

the biggest changes are the basic value items just like it was with series 1, tribute, GQ, etc

they make 1 per pack inserts go to 1:6 or refractor parallels that were 1:7 to 1:21 etc
those that wanted to buy master sets with inserts or refractor sets will have harder time and pay more
or those opening a box or two here and there will see less avg value

topps has done this all year with change the odds on the most basic stuff so that collectors or breakers or whoever are kept on their toes never knowing until it releases (not saying that is good/bad, just stating fact)
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