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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
You are correct Dave ... 13,720 color autos between RC's and Prospects and only 8,100 cases produced.

On a very rudimentary level 1.7 color autos per case. Will be closer to 2.2 color autos per Jumbo case and 1.1 color auto per Hobby case.
Mike I hope you don't feel like I'm fighting you along the way here. I just think that once people start opening product we are going to see the same yields per case that we normally see. That is just my opinion and I could be wrong. People keep reading all this stuff about higher print runs and horrible odds and they are freaking out thinking they are going to get a case worth of base stuff.

Brent does bring up very valid point of course about Topps messing with the odds and such. Brent have you read this whole thread? People are crying about it haha
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